VST solves a wide range of different tasks within welding in aluminum, stainless steel and black steel. The welding process scan can be done manually or automatically by the robot.

Almost all our machines are purchased based on a request from a customer, that we could not carry out without optimizing our machine park. VST Industries A/S is ready to take the step for you so that we can fulfil your request.


The reasons to choose VST as your subcontractor are extensive as we, with our large machine park, many certifications covering rail equipment and our food approval, comprehensive WPQR list, highly qualified employees all with valid WPSs, as well as skilled welding engineers and – specialists. This is our customers guarantee of fast reconversion and high quality.


You are always welcome to contact us, to hear more about references, according to what you require.

Machine Park:

  • Several multifunctional welding robots
  • Crane for Submerged Arc Welding with a clearance height on 4,5 meters, rolling capacity up to 80 tons and length up to 50 meters
  • Overhead cranes with a lifting capacity up to 25 tons and a clearance height on 5 meters
  • Long seam welding machine
  • A wide range of CNC controlled rollers. We cover thicknesses up to 30 mm and a width up to 3000 mm in stainless steel, aluminum and black steel qualities
  • Profile rollers
  • Bending machine
  • Plate shears
  • Saws, full – and semi-automatic
  • Pressure testing
  • Helium tests

Exterior door sizes:

Two gates to the east: Wide 5450 mm Height 4000 mm
Goods Receipt gate: Wide 3750 mm Height 4500 mm

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Claus Holm

Sales & business development


Claus Holm

Sales & business development

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