Stainless steel welding

Stainless steel welding at VST Industries

Stainless steel welding at VST Industries

In 2002, VST Industries was established with a view to giving different industries the opportunity to get steel technical products where quality was in focus.

We work with a wide range of different types and types of steel engineering products.

VST’s separate stainless steel section has high capacity and know-how and is also approved by the Food Authority to produce food approved stainless steel tanks.

In addition to the production of food-approved stainless steel tanks in the section, we can also offer every job in stainless steel welding – from small welding jobs to PED containers. All our stainless welders are certified.

We have many years of experience and talented people to carry out the work of stainless steel welding. At VST Industries it is important to minimize material waste while offering favourable prices.

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If you are missing someone who can weld stainless steel, please contact us at VST Industries A / S. We have experience in delivering this type of welding to different industries, and depending on your needs, we advise you to find the best solution. Our many years of experience mean that we know the type of steel, the design, etc. to suit the project – whatever you need stainless steel welding for.

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