In VST, we believe that the long-term success of our business depends on the balance between social, environmental and economic aspects of our business. Our CSR policy supports our vision and mission and commits us to our employees, our customers, the environment and the company’s business assets. Taking social responsibility is a natural part of our way of doing business and we want to stand for a constructive and socially responsible development of VST Industries A/S.
Without the big gestures, social responsibility must be an integral part of our way of Doing business.
Specifically, our attitudes and ambitions are shown in our policies, the apprenticeship policy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy, environmental policy, occupational health policy, social responsibility policy and our openness policy.

VST’s policies for apprentices

At VST we always strive to have two apprentices, preferably in different places in the educational process. If there are apprentices who are trapped in their training educational process in another company and suddenly have no internship, we would like to see if it is an apprentice, we can help to complete the education. We are working closely with the Education center Ringkøbing-Skjern and Skjern Technical School, for the benefit of all of us.

VST General Data Protection Regulation policy (short version)

VST’S Personal Data processing policy is about the information you provide, such as job applicants, employees, customer, supplier or otherwise as a person in contact. Privacy policy has been drafted to provide information on the practices we have at VST A/S in relation with the collection, use and disclosure of personal data. The privacy policy helps to ensure and document the compliance of the VST’s GDPR and the supplementary Danish Data protection law. In addition to the guidelines for collection, use and disclosure of personal data, the policy also includes guidelines for storing personal data, encrypting e-mails, right of access and deletion of data, etc. As a complement to the privacy policy has VST also an information security policy.

Working environment policy for VST Industries A/S

In VST, every employee is an important resource. This working environment policy aims to form the basis for developing and maintaining a good physical and mental working environment, so that employees thrive, and no one gets sick of working.


  • VST will ensure that all employees can carry out their work safely and in healthful manner VST will prevent the working environment from causing attrition, accidents at work and sick leave
  • VST will ensure a healthy workplace with focus on attendance, well-being and development
  • VST will ensure that occupational safety and health are involved in changes in the organization of work and that it is involved in purchasing, new- and rebuilding at the company.


  • There must be an ongoing dialogue between employees and management on the working environment and improvements.
  • The individual must actively take responsibility for himself and, in cooperation with others, contribute to improvements in the working environment.
  • All managers must help to continually improve the physical and psychological working environment for their employees and, in their daily self, be a good example to follow.
  • The working environment policy is reviewed and updated in the context of the annual health and safety discussion.

Environmental policy for VST Industries A / S

VST Industries A/S solves a wide range of steel engineering tasks based on many years of experience and know-how, taking into account the demands and expectations of customers and society for environmentally friendly production and behaviour. We respond to the demands and technological challenges of the time in a close, constructive and dynamic customer collaboration.
VST Industries A/S will continually seek to reduce the environmental impact of the environment and ensure that we comply with all environmental regulatory requirements.
VST Industries A/S will be an energy efficient company that continuously work to reduce energy consumption to a level that is as low as is technically/economically feasible. Reducing environmental impacts and energy consumption must be done in close cooperation with employees.
The specific focus areas that we will work with are electricity consumption, water consumption and waste management. In addition, we will assess the environmental aspects prior to the implementation of new processes and equipment.
This environmental policy is reviewed and may be updated once a year in the context of the management evaluation of the quality management system.

Social responsibility Policy

Assuming there is a good match between the person and VST as a company, we employ people with special challenges that make them unable to perform a regular full-time job. It will typically be on request from the municipality, where the VST and the employee are contracted after the Sickness Allowance section 56. It may also be an agreement with a refugee on a traineeship in connection with a basic integration training, IGU or flex job agreements.

Policy for Openness

It is our policy that if someone is inviting us to participate in a cooperation, we will stretch ourselves far to join. VST is happy to open the doors for cooperation with the outside world in many ways. Recently, two teams of students from Aarhus University engineering Studies in Herning have written project assignments in close cooperation with VST. VST also participates in networks and is willing to participate in interdisciplinary projects. The latest was in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark on robot welding. Participation in cooperation with Skjern Technical school on training that robot operators are on their way.

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