Aluminum Welding

Aluminum Welding - VST has 14 years of experience

Aluminum welding at VST Industries

VST Industries’ experience with aluminum welding comes from a wide range of special tasks. For the past 14 years, VST industries has performed tasks for subcontractors, which among other things sell parts to:

Automotive industry \\ including components for motorcycles and the rail industry. A large part of the tasks is carried out on robot welding systems that perform high precision work.

The construction industry \\ These tasks include designs on a different scale with a wide variety of requirements.

Food industry \\ VST performs a wide range of tasks in the food industry. Our aluminum welders are highly qualified with certificates in aluminum welding.

Offshore \\ Our aluminum welders are highly qualified and carry out these types of tasks, where there are numerous requirements for weight and strength, among other things, pressure equipment and special designs offshore. Also read about our stainless steel tank and pressure vessel.

In addition, we provide assignments in the field of aluminum welding for the \\ Aerospace \\ The Wind turbine industry \\ The Energy sector \\ Health sector \\

Aluminum welding & robot welding

Much of the experience with aluminum welding comes from aluminum welding robots. In this area, VST is one of the leaders in the field of welding, with high demands on quality. A large part of the items VST welders must be gas tight, and leakage can only be tested with helium.

In addition to robotic welding, VST offers aluminum welding in TIG and MAG, which is performed by highly qualified welders with certificates.
A large number of the tasks VST gets are carried out in accordance with EN-1090-3 and EN 15085-2 CL1, where there are high demands on both the design and the welders.
During development projects, VST is happy to assist with start-up meetings before lines are struck on the drawing board for new tasks, so that, for example, incorrect alloys are not used.

For example, many tend to use the AW-6082 due to its high strength, but the AW-6082 is porous and very easily at cracks in the bent or welded state.

If you have a demanding task involving aluminum welding, VST is always available by mail or telephone. Non-binding offers are gladly made.

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Claus Holm

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