Code of Conduct and Ethics


VST Industries A/S’s Code of Conduct and Ethics aims to integrate environment, labour, human rights and anti-corruption considerations into our business and the relationships we have with our employees, business partners and the rest of society.

VST’s Code of Conduct and Ethics should be considered as a guide to how we make good connections and conduct our business.


All VST Industries A/S's employees are treated equally and with respect regardless of gender, age, belief, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or otherwise. Personal relationships must not affect obligations to the company. At our workplace we have an obligation to protect the health, safety and personal information of our employees.


VST Industries A/S behaves fair, responsible and with integrity in relation to customers in accordance with good ethical conduct. Our statements about our products and services are true and accurate. We keep everything we promise about safety and product quality. We comply with local laws and regulations regarding gifts and representation.

Business Partners

VST Industries A/S advocates fair competition. We compete on fair terms and do not enter into agreements that provide an unfair competitive advantage. We follow export and import rules, and in no case are we trying to gain benefits through scams or illegal activities.


Human Rights We support and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights; and make sure we are not complicit in human rights violations.
We support the elimination of all forms of forced labor, child labor and any discrimination in employment and occupation.
We support a precautionary approach to environmental and climate challenges and encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.
We work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

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Lem den 14. oktober 2019

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