TBMI (Technological business Model Innovation) is one of the core subjects of the engineering degree technology-based business development at AU BTECH in Herning. This course intends to teach students how to build or improve companies’ business models based on technology.

Although the students have not been able to meet at the educational places, they have continued to work tirelessly on the studies. We at VST are not afraid of being challenged and that questions are being asked about what we are doing, so for the second year in a row we have had a team of students to analyse and propose improvements to what we do. The team consists of: Mark, Tharsika, Gediminas, Camilla and Mikkel

Ringkøbing-Skjern Erhvervsråd has been the mediator of the contact between VST Industries A / S and AU-HIH, which then communicated the contact to the students.

The team here from 2020 has already graduated and got good marks for their project. Now it is up to us at VST to continue with the suggestions the team has made.


We are still here

Like everyone else, we are influenced by what happens because of the Corona situation, but it does not stop us from producing, and we do. Nor should it prevent us from streamlining our production. We have installed a new lifting table with a correlated rail system. It makes it safer, easier and faster to handle items for the Long seam welding machine, watch the video.


We are still here

VST Industries A / S continues to work tirelessly. Like everyone else, we are influenced by what happens as a result of the Corona situation, but it does not stop us from producing, and we do. We can still get the product we need and every man is at work. Of course, in all activities we follow the authorities’ prohibitions, injunctions and guidelines.


VST Industries extends its collaboration with OXYMAT

VST Industries A / S extends its collaboration with OXYMAT A / S on the manufacture of container units for various purposes. The first container has just been put into production and it will contain a nitrogen system consisting of various tanks, compressors and pipelines. The finished container is adapted to transport on a truck as it is a mobile device to be used in the desert state of Oman.

Other containers must contain Nitrogen / Oxygen installations and will be used on aboard LNG Carriers. These are ships being built at shipyards in both China, Japan and South Korea and the units will therefore be built into the ships.

A third kind of container units containing oxygen generators are used in hospitals and e.g. in connection with fish farming in Norway and the Faroe Islands.

VST Industries A / S has great expectations for development to cooperate with Oxymat A / S, with whom there already is a really good cooperation.

VST Newsletter October 2019

VST has renewed the website.

VST has renewed the website with a new, professional and user-friendly design.
The website is our face to the outside world, and if it is professional and user friendly, it can help to give visitors to our website a good impression of who we are in VST.

Our Vision and Mission have been somewhat tightened, and at the same time supplemented with our values. Under “About us” you can now see our CSR policy and Code of Conduct, where we write something more about who we are and how we view the world around us. All in all, something that should help ensure that all our guests on the website have a clear impression of what we stand for and what we want.

Yet another news, we have got our own gallery. If you come here as a guest, you will very quickly gain insight into the diversity of tasks we have solved in recent years. We have had to limit ourselves in the number of photos, as it would otherwise be completely unmanageable.

Welcome to our new website.

VST invests in new technology

Again, VST invests in the latest technology. This time it is in “Robot vision & sensor technology”. Robot vision means that, together with the robot, vision cameras are installed in the robot solution. Vision allows the robot to “see” what it is working on. The cameras cooperate with the robot, ie. they pass on information to the robot. In this way, the robot knows what position it should work from, and thus robotic vision makes it possible to ensure the quality and automate ‘complicated’ workflows.

As the video shows, robotic vision can search and find the weld joint itself and, based on the information, adjust and optimize the movements it selves. VST has chosen an I-cube solution, watch the video here:

If you want to know more about our latest initiatives, contact Søren Nielsen at +45 30948145.


VST has a new project in the construction industry

We are happy to have worked our way into the construction industry.

We have had the opportunity to become a part of this exciting building in the centre of Århus, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Here we have got the project of 9 pieces pergola for shelter on the roof terraces connected to 9 penthouse houses.

The pergolas, made of aluminum with a subsequent coating, create a cozy environment on the top of Aarhus and give the feeling of a covered terrace, creating more depth for the building. VST is proud to be a part of this project.


VST qualified at Achilles

VST has just obtained a qualification at Achilles. Learn more at www.achilles.com.

The purpose of this is primarily to provide services to the Nordic transport sector based on EN 15085-2, which qualifies VST to weld and process railway equipment.

A qualification at Achilles requires compliance with given quality conditions and that the company has sufficient financial stability to assume major tasks. Most important in this qualification are the requirements for safety, work environment, external environment, human rights and corporate social and ethical responsibility.

Achilles makes it easier for everyone to find each other. Achilles has created a single process that helps buyers find the right suppliers who are in advance qualified for what is requested.

For VST, it means increased visibility towards potential customers and facilitates cooperation and delivery of services in accordance with buyers expectations.

For customers, it is easier and faster to find a qualified supplier, minimizing the risk and therefore giving the buyers peace of mind. SEE THE CERTIFICATE HERE


Achilles started in 1990 in the gas and oil industry. Achilles works from offices around the globe and serves a network of over 800 buyers and 175,000 suppliers in all types of industry