VST qualified at Achilles

VST has just obtained a qualification at Achilles. Learn more at www.achilles.com.

The purpose of this is primarily to provide services to the Nordic transport sector based on EN 15085-2, which qualifies VST to weld and process railway equipment.

A qualification at Achilles requires compliance with given quality conditions and that the company has sufficient financial stability to assume major tasks. Most important in this qualification are the requirements for safety, work environment, external environment, human rights and corporate social and ethical responsibility.

Achilles makes it easier for everyone to find each other. Achilles has created a single process that helps buyers find the right suppliers who are in advance qualified for what is requested.

For VST, it means increased visibility towards potential customers and facilitates cooperation and delivery of services in accordance with buyers expectations.

For customers, it is easier and faster to find a qualified supplier, minimizing the risk and therefore giving the buyers peace of mind. SEE THE CERTIFICATE HERE


Achilles started in 1990 in the gas and oil industry. Achilles works from offices around the globe and serves a network of over 800 buyers and 175,000 suppliers in all types of industry

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